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Jumat, 20 September 2013


Do you miss me ? or maybe my blog post. I didn’t open this account for almost two weeks because I was bussy to prepare a new life, a new world with a people that I never know before. I departed from Sepinggan Airport on Sunday, and took a rest at my  family’s house for a day, and on Tuesday I went to Jogja to prepare my boarding house, a small boarding house just about 2,5 m x 2,5 m , it’s very close to my collage. I brought my all my clothes and  bought cupboard, a bed, pillow, cover bed, fan, and carpet.
Do you know what I feel ?? I feel happy and sad at the same time. You’ll never know how does it feel until you do the same like me.
After I prepared my room, I went back to my family’s house cause collage will start at 16th of September. I lived at my aunt house, she really good to me and to other people especially to her family. She has 2 doughters and I really like to play with them.
On Saturday 14th of September I went to my boarding house and completing everything, and start that day I live here.
My first friend here is Ayu, she is my friend of broading house and my senior at collage. So far.., she kind and humble. And I hope all people here is good.
Well, I just want to continue my story, actually this writing must be posted before I tell more about my new collage. But I just write it on ms. Office and saved it.
Before i start study in un iniversity, I have to attend an OSPEK program, OSPEK is study orientation and campus introduction. That’s important for a freshman to know about an environment on campus and to know how to learn in collage, cause it’s not a school anymore.
Well I’m gonna show you a pictures of me when OSPEK .


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